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Marketing is all about reaching people with a message to make them do something that is pre-planned. Social media networks are, today, where people are found. But there are many of them and each network has different characteristics and popularity. In the days of traditional marketing, if a marketer wanted to reach an older age segment, newspaper advertising, for example, worked better than technology magazines. Social media networks are no different. You will find more females than males on Pinterest, and you will find more people in general on Facebook than you would on Twitter. This is of course a result of how a certain platform positioned and marketed themselves.

For social media marketing purposes, as indicated above, some social media networks are more popular than others. In Jordan, people’s preferences are different than other countries in the region, and even worldwide. For example, in the gulf region twitter is more popular than it is in Jordan.
In this article, we shed light on the popularity of the most used social network platforms in Jordan and their position worldwide. Other social networks will not be discussed here. Businesses who intend to conduct social media marketing campaigns will benefit from this information.

Popular is popular and you would know it without any statistics. In the world of cars, Mercedes has occupied a leading position for a long time. If someone asks, in the field of search engines, what the biggest search engine is, the top of mind name is Google. Facebook is in no doubt the largest worldwide and in Jordan as well. According to smart insights, the number of active users on Facebook is 1.871 billion. This platform is “rich” so multiple market segments and usage behaviors are found on Facebook. Social media marketing campaigns will not be complete without utilizing this popular platform, which works well for B2C marketing. In Jordan, 89% of social media users can be found on Facebook page of (Jordan times).

When it comes to “targeting” for B2B social media marketing LinkedIn is the right platform. With around 3.3 million professional company and personal profiles from Jordan, this platform offers a wealth of information to reach targeted audience for B2B marketing. LinkedIn also provides and facilitates targeting through paid ads and other LinkedIn specialized techniques. Worldwide, 106 million active users enjoy the power of this platform.

This is a platform with a unique content strategy – video. 66% of social media network users are on YouTube. While non-business video content could easily go viral on YouTube, it is still not a straightforward platform where businesses can benefit from this viral effect. Following up on the trends around selected subjects is key for success. Another vital element to make it on 66% of social media network users are on YouTube is how content (video) is produced. Content should be appealing, relevant and useful.

As every platform positions itself in a different way, Instagram proves to be the place for celebrities and the younger generation. For targeted social media campaigns to promote products and services, Instagram works well for fashion, high end brand products and accessories, etc. Utilising well selected and engaging graphical design is a powerful tool to get the attraction of Instagram users. In Jordan, 43% of social network platform users are use Instagram.

This platform is based on short, usually textual, content. What you write and the y way you write is the key success driver on Twitter. In Jordan, 33% of social networks users are found on Twitter. Trending monitoring is also very important to see the most popular subjects at a certain time. When you select the right content for a trending topic, you are likely to make a difference to your business on Twitter.

There are multiple social media networks that a business can use for social media marketing. However, selecting the right platform and producing the suitable content are basic requirements for successful social media marketing. For example, WeChat has over 800 million active users, but these are primarily located in China. Unless your target is Chinese consumers, WeChat has no benefit to you if your social media marketing campaign targets Jordanian consumers. In addition, the quality of content you can produce determines the platform as well.


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